Anifit is your expert for healthy and natural pet food. As a loving dog or cat owner, you know how important a balanced diet is for the well-being of your furry friends. At Anifit, we place great emphasis on quality and natural ingredients in order to offer your darling the best.

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Experience for yourself how our high-quality products can change the lives of your animals for the better! Our trial packages are the perfect way to test our diverse selection of healthy and delicious meals. Whether you have a curious or picky four-legged friend at home who likes to try new things, or are simply looking for the best and, above all, species-appropriate nutrition for your pet - our trial packages in different can sizes offer you the ideal opportunity to get to know Anifit and its wide range of products:

Why Anifit? Our food is free of artificial additives and fillers, rich in the best human-grade meat and offers natural and species-appropriate nutrition. See for yourself the quality and taste that your pets will love.

Take the first step towards a healthier diet for your dog or cat and discover the benefits of Anifit!

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Do you have any questions in advance? Does your dog or cat have any intolerances or health problems that affect your choice of food? As an ANIfit specialist consultant, I am available to help all new customers with any questions. Feel free to get in touch!

10 good reasons for ANIfit

✔️ High fresh meat content: Anifituses an impressive fresh meat content of 90-99%, which ensures a natural and high-quality diet.

✔️ Natural ingredients: The exclusive use of natural ingredients ensures healthy and balanced pet food without unnecessary additives.

✔️ No preservatives, fillers etc: ANIfit focuses on quality without compromise and consistently avoids artificial preservatives, fillers, attractants, animal meal, vegetable meal, colorings, flavor enhancers, flavorings and sugar to ensure pure and high-quality nutrition.

✔️ Gluten-free ingredients: ANIfit pet food only contains grain- and gluten-free ingredients, which is particularly beneficial for cats with intolerances.

✔️ Production in Sweden: Both meat and other ingredients comply with Swedish guidelines. Animal welfare is of particular importance there and there are stricter rules regarding the living environment and feeding of farm animals as well as the preparation of meat (no antibiotics, animal meal, caged housing, etc.) than in other European countries.

✔️ Meat quality for human consumption: ANIfit only uses meat that is approved for human consumption, which guarantees the highest quality standards.

✔️ Gentle temperature treatment: Our pet food is prepared by cold filling to preserve the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Preservation is carried out without preservatives and exclusively through gentle temperature treatment. Nutrients and vitamins are largely retained through cold filling.

✔️ No animal testing: ANIfit develops its pet dishes without animal testing and relies on ethical standards in product development.

✔️ Tested free of BSE and FMD: ANIfit pet food is rigorously tested for BSE and FMD to ensure the highest safety standards.

✔️ Certified quality: ANIfit is certified according to international standards such as IFS (International Food Standard) and ISO - 9001, which ensures continuous quality control.

ANIfit pet food – no compromises in the bowl

Discover the world of ANIfit and experience how high-quality nutrition can enrich your cat's and dog's life. As a specialist pet nutrition consultant, I am also available to help you find the ideal nutritional solution for your animal and to clarify specific questions.


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