en-By the way... I'm an English-speaking cat sitter!


Even though I was born and raised in Germany and have been living here again for a few years now, my career as a cat sitter in fact started outside of Germany: When I was on a huge journey hitchhiking from my rural hometown near the North Sea to tropical Malaysia a few years back, I found several opportunities to house & pet sit for people all across Asia to settle just for a little while here and there, to feel at home again while immersing myself in foreign cultures with fur babies by my side—the first sit being in Singapore, a city that soon afterwards became my home for a longer while and that still has a special place in my heart. During that time I got hooked. I became a nomad pet parent and took care of several cats, a bunny, cat-dog and cat-reptile households in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, ...

My first cat sit after returning back to Germany was actually in Hamburg–I got off the plane and went straight to Schanzenviertel for the two black and white expat kitties who were already waiting for cuddles 🌏✈️🐈🥰

Before and after the big trip I had spent several periods of time in Malaysia and Thailand for work (I'm also a photographer btw) and extended travels. As long as I can remember the English language was the key to my goals and dreams. I loved learning it in school, became fluent quickly and I'm still using the English language on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends all over the globe and in my free time (who can survive a full movie/tv show episode dubbed in German anyway?).

I love practicing English and exchanging about cultures and life in Germany and abroad. If you're an expat I'm happy to meet you, not just for making new kitty friends.

Miss Mao Cat Sitting — Key Info

I'm based in Hannover and this is where I currently have the majority of my sits. This is also the only area (city of Hannover) where I can currently offer non-overnight visits, namely one or two visits per day. In Hamburg I'm available for overnight catsitting only.

As long as availability allows I'm always happy to travel further for overnight cat sit stays (in Europe and worldwide). Just contact me and we'll see what's possible.

Daily visits include feeding, litterbox cleaning and plenty of time to play and cuddle. I have a personal strict principle of no-"mass processing" and only accept 2-3 cat households max per day to give each cat enough attention and time to spend with me.

Overnight cat sits, which include house sitting, are ideal for indoor and special needs cats. Your kitty's territory becomes my temporary home for as long as you need me (minimum stay: 2 nights). This is the perfect solution for indoor cats as they usually adapt very quickly and get to live their usual routine as if nothing ever changed.

You'll receive daily updates from me with photos via Whatsapp / Telegram / Mail so that you always know how they are.

Btw, I'm very empathetic and somehow even shy kitties build up trust to me relatively quickly which often surprises their owners.

If required, I will also take care of your plants and mailbox free of charge. 🌵🪴📬

Oh, and... the Meet & Greet at your home (getting to know each other, going through your cat's routine and needs, contract) is completely free of charge & noncommital.

When can I get to know you and your kitty?